One throw costs one pound (easy math for drunk festival-goers); all donations go to the town hall. Proof of purchase must be posted post-haste with your pitch(es) as part of your performance-play.

Click to visit the Pitchculator to determine how many balls you will be throwing (aka, fill out the form below and click "To the Pitchculator!"); role-play your throws!

An eight-sided die will be rolled (trust us, there's an actual (virtual) eight-sided die) to determine the outcome of each throw. A seven or eight scores a hit on the unlucky perchee of the Dunking Booth.

Possible Bonuses:

-If the thrower’s strength and intelligence are above 240, one point will be added to the roll of the die.
-If the thrower’s charisma is above 240 they have a chance to charm the booth attendant into receiving an additional throw no additional cost.